On the way to Antwerp

Rose over the highway footbridge, and next to the highway police, border guards once. I was at the former border crossing Germany-Netherlands in Rastatte Bunde-rij not far from Groningen. I crossed the footbridge to the other side of highway, walked into the bistro, glanced discreetly around. At the bar sat a guy and the bartender. A total of two people. Now three people with me. I sat at the bar to the wall, put my backpack next.

– Still water please.

– Here we go – the bartender asked little of everything but kindly poured water into a glass and handed it to me. The guy next to drinking beer. Typical forty – belly, not much attractive, maybe damaged by life.

– Where are you going backpacker? – asked bartender

– For Antwerp

– Could it be hitchhiking?

– That’s right. So it shows?

– If you could work behind the bar as longI as I do you would easily be guessing travellers profiles, so to speak.

– How many years of work as a barman?

– More than nine years.

– It’s actually a lot. Soon will hit tenth anniversary. You and bar are like an old married couple.

– And you? What do you do professionally?

– I’m writing a book, traveling.

-What the book is about?

– Also about us sitting here. Travel diary.

– Whether you are traveling alone this time alone?

-Almost always travel alone. But not alone. – I do not feel lonely when I step out of the house and I am among the people. That to me is usually sufficient.

– Strong you are

– Apparently …

Pages 8 -13 The pre-launch of upcoming book of Expedytor Eskapader

– We’ve got it – shouted lifeguard Marcin – regained consciousness
– Where is my husband ? Where is Serge ?
– We found him near here , alive, lies some 600 meters to the left
Magda was relieved at the same time wondered whether it actually worth coming back to this earthly dimension of being . Well , she had no influence on it .
– Where is my wife ? I want to see my wife ! – Sergius demanded – as a lifeguard said
– You will meet her at the hospital. You will be at St . Mark. The moment we get into the ambulance .
Sergei looked around and could not believe the horror , in what has happened here . Such a great place ! As the eye could see in front of him stretched the ocean , golden sandy beach , mangroves , trees and palm trees. The scent of flowers unknown to him stagger the sense of smell . And the smell of fresh blood wounded human bodies and corpses filling up this image. But the worst was yet to come . Family Kraśko not yet know about how to survive a horror film in the new chapter of your life.
– Ilona ! Ilona ! Excuse me, sir , or identified the body Ilona Kraśko ? – Asked the policeman Magda
Yes diagnosed . Your daughter is alive.
Tears welled Magda eyes, then poured already two rivulets . She could not at this time to control the emotion . I imagined she saw a short while ago a dead body floating limply Ilona on the waves of the ocean. Through her inexperienced yet the pain , fear and longing for a daughter. The fact that her daughter was alive and aware that Ilona is under the care of doctors began to slowly reach out to Magda .
Ilona woke up and asked a friend
– Where am I?
– In the hospital – said calmly and with care nurse
– What happened to me ? Is waiting for my operation?
You have lost consciousness and is crippled . The plane which was flying crashed lady .
– Such expect before hitting machine in the ocean. And it happened .
– O God, and where the parents? He knows whether you live ?
– They are on the same ward , room number six . Soon to see – the nurse came out and Ilona fell into a deep sleep .
Ilona morning she woke up well rested and vigorous . That night she slept very well and long. No dreams , no nightmares. She got out of bed to go to . She left the house to the garden, where dozens of people were walking among
lush green lawns, azaleas , rhododendrons and palm trees. Garden had a square shape and was the hospital courtyard . Ilona was walking the alleys observing people and the garden. After some time, she saw a man sitting on a bench with a bandaged head and left hand. Behind the bandage on his head peeped curious green eyes. Medium height and stocky build. He was dressed in casual jeans and a black polo shirt . He looked at her at the same time as her. Their eyes met . Ilona came to him and asked .
– What happened to your head?
– I do not know exactly . It happened by accident airplane
– You too? Appearance Ana that flew on the same plane
– Looks like it. You know … your voice sounds somehow familiar. Your eyes are close to me
Is talking on the plane for … (time for the sponsor ) ?
– Yes , that’s right ! Damn you … Is that you?
– Yes, I’m Ilona
– Mehmet – smiled warmly and wryly man
– Well, well. We started from the hot cognition on board the aircraft , from the spicy quickie , and now we meet in the hospital. Life is crazy
– Yes, that’s right. Sometimes crazy and spontaneous. We are living proof
– Let us rejoice that we survived this catastrophe
– God, I still can not believe all this
– Like a nightmare . Only that it was not a nightmare only the truest plane crash
You know what? – Mehmet broke – let’s go get something to eat better .
– Great idea , let’s go for breakfast. My parents should already be there .
– Parents ! Are you sure this is a good idea?
– I’m sure peacefully tiger !
They walked to the table where the breakfast already parents . Mehmet introduced himself and sat down together at the table with Ilona . Nalali a hot cup of coffee and a glass of water. Przekrajali half crispy fresh rolls , smeared with butter and raspberry jam and then imposed on the plates mascarpone cheese and salad from tropical fruit . No tough questions , no confusion on the part of parents. Ilona first breaks the silence and asks Mehmet .
– Tell us something about yourself as it is little known
– I run with my family growing potatoes and beets in a picturesque valley Świętokrzyski a plantation of hops in Wielkopolska
Ilona on it
We run advertising agency. The conversation turns to Sergius and asks the man .
– What is it like to be a farmer ? How is your day job ?
– I get up around ten and together with his family eat breakfast . The meal cooks so our dog every day for breakfast are the bones .
At the table reigned laughter and joyful atmosphere .
– My job is to check the quality of hops and their collection and coordinating the work of the harvest and transport.
Magda joined the conversation and began to explain to her what it is and Sergei .
– We get up between the fifth and sixth , at sunrise train in a group of Tai Chi , then go to the office and respond to letters , emails , inquiries . Lunch usually eat together with key clients , then we have further business meetings , at four meeting with the management and at the end of the day we play golf and eat dinner with your family, friends or neighbors.
Mehmet suddenly felt awed and impressed at the same time . Sergei on it .
– Well, yes, I already know the response. Surprised ?
– Oh yeah, totally surprised
– Positively or negatively ?
– As the most positive! What a question . Of course, the positive and what you do you Ilona ?
– Me? Chadz their paths
– Oh, yes . Well you put it darling – Sergei nodded and her mother added .
– Girlfriends , fitness center , beauticians , discos and everyday purchases . Here is my daughter . What do you think Mehmet ? Do you have a gold credit card at the ready ?
– Hmmm – have escaped from the lips of a man looking like embarrassed , confused boy and everyone started laughing good-naturedly . Mehmet took it quite differently , however, felt a pang of shame – wait for you bitch ! The game has just begun !