Travelog. Excerpt 8

Nie bądź łosiem !

Author: E Eskapader
Translation: Google

It’s hard to be strong when a man does not know what was about to happen and where it will sleep. Do not be listened to one driver instead trust yourself and map. I asked here all the drivers in the parking lot but no one leaves until morning. It’s the weekend. I’m trapped.
The bar went a step some guy and ordered a beer. I decided to go outside and look at extending around the meadows and forests, make sure that arrived at the parking someone else. In addition to a man who walked into a bar, but no one else came. As it turned out for the moment, however, was not going in the same direction. He lived in a neighboring Groningen. It was quite dark and I began to lose hope of taking out of here. I went back to the bar. Behind the bar was a second bartender. He has not yet met. Thirty-can man of forty.
– How did it happen that you have found all the way here. We are almost over the North Sea, you know that?
– Yes, it is correct. – – Do not run this way highway to Antwerp. Yes, you can go that route but if you go by a roundabout route.
– We need not I agreed with the idea of ​​a driver who was traveling to Groningen. I have not checked on the map where is Groningen. There also asked how long we go. And please, it is already late in the evening. After what I said, I did not realize how far I go north. My mistake.
– Not good mate, not good. But do not lose hope. I’ll think of something.


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