“Screw it let’s do it”

Czytając Pod Drzewem, Carl Larsson

“My refuge became a library, used to go every afternoon. Started to write her novel. Library was a special place, full of splendor. Surrounded me bound in leather books and two large globes. From the window overlooked a scenic view of the lake where some time ago the best high school student dived and never sailed. I described there the most dramatic stories, sexual fantasies, what came to mind, and amazing stories erotic “. All treated a young boy who, in connection with the knee injury he could not play sports and who befriends a young, coming from Scandinavia headmistress of the school. This while, beautiful and experienced, seduced him and crept up to him while he was working in the library … To my misfortune, no matter how incredible sexual adventure experienced in the imagination, in fact, within a radius of several miles from Stowe was not a girl, not to mention the Scandinavian, while the director was sixty years.
As I sat in the library, breathing on his own prose and scribbling faster and faster, I realized that only one person besides me visit this place regularly. Jonathan Holland-Gems. Compared with most of the guys in Stowe, Johnny was very polished in the world, exceptionally well-read and had a lot of knowledge about art. He came from London, where his parents knew many journalists and writers – Johnny would read “Private Eye” and half the people that there was a question he knew personally. Johnny’s mother was a successful playwright. It is thanks to Johny’emu interested in the world of newspapers and I began to think that I would be a journalist.
In the middle of the semester I found a school announcement literary contest for the prize of Gavin Maxwell, writer, one of the former students Stowe. As soon as I left my pulsating pornography and wrote a short story, which, as it turned out, won the competition. Apparently he helped me complete lack of competition in this area. ”

Book: “Screw it let’s do it”.
Author: Richard Branson entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and now founder and shareholder in Virgin Group.


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