Screw it let’s do it, Richard Branson

Geometryczny motyw 5

“Childhood remember a little vaguely, except for a few episodes that were etched in my memory. Remember that parents always put unique challenges. Mama was very determined to bring us to the people independent. When I was four years old, one day stopped car a few miles from home, blew me and told yourself to find their way home across the fields. completely lost. earliest memory of my sister Vanessa is a dark January morning., when my mother decided that I had to get up, get on the bike and go to Bornemouth . had packed me a few sandwiches and an apple, water and told me to organize it alone somewhere along the way. Our house was located in Shamley Green, Surrey and Bournemouth – 50 miles away. did not have even 12 years, but my mom came to the conclusion that this trip will teach me how important is perseverance and sense of direction. well remember that when you set off from home, it was still quite dark. put up then with a relative, but I have no idea how he found his house and the next day I went back to Shamley Green. But I do remember clearly the moment when I walked into the kitchen, extremely proud of his achievements se, almost like a warrior who conquered new ląd.Oczekiwałem goroącego adoption. Not bad for Ricky – greeted me mom, slicing onions …

Challenges that we erected were physical rather than mental, and pretty soon we started to look for them themselves.
One of my earlier memories is learning to swim. Aunt Joyce had a special sympathy. At the beginning of the holiday bet me ten shillings, saying he believes that a return to the house, which was to take place in two weeks, I can not learn to swim. I spent many hours in the icy water, trying to fight the waves, but unfortunately the last day I could not swim. Just beat my hands in the water, jumping on one leg on the bottom. I fought tooth and nail, molded waves, and I was spitting water, trying to get drunk as her least.
– Ricky, come on, you will learn in the next year …
– I did not want to wait that long. I doubted that my aunt remembered as the year of our establishment. On the last day we got up early, packed the things to cars and set off on the twelve-hour trip home … Every dreamed of, to be back home. Suddenly I saw the river.
– Dad, can you stop the car? Please!
The river was my last chance. I was sure that this time I can swim a bit and I will win ten shillings.
– Dad, stop! – I cried again …
– Wendy not whining – let’s give the boy one more chance – she called Aunt Joyce – it’s my ten shillings!
I downloaded clothes and knickers ran towards the water … Dad with a neutral facial expression lit his pipe; mother, as usual, smiled encouragingly.
My feet randomly cut through the water … Current spun and pulled me down the river. I could not breathe, and continually swallowed water. I tried to get to the surface … I suddenly felt under the foot stone and firmly shoved up. I jumped to the surface and took a deep breath. It calmed me. I relaxed a. I’ll win the ten shillings! Slowly touched down, spread my arms and I discovered I was floating on the water surface. Still the change is immersed myself this, it emerged, but suddenly I realized that I did, I could swim! … Triumphantly sailed the middle trough. Among the noise and splash water I heard clapping and cheering my family … I crawled out of the water, I went through nettles and ran to the shore …
– Way to go, Ricky, you did it! – Exclaimed happily Aunt Joyce. I looked at dziesięcioszylingowy bill, which she held in her hand. Never in my life have I had so much money …
Only now I noticed that my dad also dripping with water. Do not stand and sailed for me. Very tight hug me. ”

compatible family

“I do not remember that in my life happened but one moment in which I felt no love for my rodziny.Byliśmy family, in which everyone would give up for each kill. Still who we are. Parents always loved each other and almost never quarreled – Occasionally, more severe episodes were more exchange of views. Eve, my mother was always full of life and constantly pushed us to działania.Ted, my dad was a quieter form – usually we saw him burning his pipe and reading the newspaper. Both have a passion for adventure. Ted wanted to be an archaeologist in his youth, but his father, a judge of the Supreme Court wanted to like all Branson has a lawyer. Occupation is performed three generations Bransons …

In the basement Jonny we were very tight. Now our commune scattered around the house. Lived with us a lot of people … Most of the staff was the Student nineteen or twenty years old, so very intensively dealt with the theory and practice of free love … There were days when I led business, did not move out of bed.

The house was rented in the name of my parents, so its owners … they had no idea that we are in the company. My parents loved the excitement associated with journalism and even though my dad was a lawyer … never neither he nor my mother, they had no problems establishing contact with people who wore long hair to the middle of her back and the month is not wrong nor shaved.

Title of book: Steps into the unknown.
Original title: Screw it let’s do it.
Translation: Iwona Podlasek
Author: Richard Branson, businessman, mentor, philanthropist; social activist. Founder and now a shareholder in Virgin Group and others.”

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