Travelog. Fraction 4

Fuerteventura in Blue

– Shocking – commented grimly shocked Magda.
– The war in all its glory. Here are the results of a bloody and uncompromising struggle for power. Too much emotion and not enough to talk and understand – Ilona turned to Sergei
-Great you put it. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jakob
– Magda, tell me Megi
– Sergey or Sergei as you prefer
– Beautiful Names – Jakob noticed what Megi
– A beautiful photograph. So much beauty and cruelty in one. Please note, Mr. Jakob, at the beautiful groves of palm trees in the background and the foreground dead cold bodies in pools of blood, contrasting with the warmth of a sunny day and the white robes of the monks
– Are you a painter or you can photographer?
– Oh no, I’m far from that. I’m just a businessman. There you go, a businesswoman with a sense of artistic
– The finest I’ve ever known – said Sergey
– I am a painter. My favorite trend that is present on the canvases of realism
– Well, we have something in common – continued Sergius – I consider myself a realist, a man firmly on the ground stąpającego
-I would rather say that someone between a realist and a visionary – she said Magda – Let moderately optimistic
– And you, Mr. Jakob? – Asked Ilona
Definitely a dreamer. An optimistic dreamer. Fortunately I do not have reason to complain. Images are selling quite well, sometimes better sometimes worse but I sell. It is well and might be even better.
– But also worse – said stoically
– Do not be such a pessimist Ilona, not worth it!
– We are happy to watch your images – asked Sergei – Please contact me on Saturday. Here’s my card.
She walked over to them, a woman of average height with a healthy-looking complexion, brunette with delicate tasteful makeup. Exclaimed with enthusiasm toward the painter.
– Jakob! Nice to meet you again
– Elena! – Jakob immediately recognized journalist – How are you? How was your last photo essay? It has been approved?
– Yes, thank you, it was. All right
– Meet my new friends
After a brief presentation of the family Kraśko Jakob expounded that Elena is a journalist … that recently was in … the fruit of which is a photo essay and essay depicting the life and problems of the current socio – economic.
Suddenly, out of the speakers that sailed message comes on stage guest of honor, the “perpetrator” issued photo here.
After the speech and presentation slides Kraśko had the pleasure to see other photographs and personally congratulate the photographer … great pictures. Ilona’s parents turned to her and threw a short time that has guided to the exit.
– Going out with us?
– Yes
– Okay, meet me at the main exit
Elena talked for a while with Elena then went toward the exit. When I reached the door wide brutally extinguished the light. There was total darkness. It looked like someone turned off the light or electricity turned off. Someone grabbed Ilona from behind, holding her in an iron grip. On the neck felt the touch of cold metal. It was a hunting knife. Forward whispered in her ear.
– Do you like this feel? Touch the knife? Long, sharp knife, like the blade of the scythe of death. Do you like this feeling?


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