Travelog, fraction 3


Embassy of … (place for advertisers) presented a impressive. Among the lush gardens surrounding an elegant lanterns fixed row along the avenue, creating two rows of like a dumb guards. Sergius wondered sitting in the office embassy over what he hears with paragraph officer.

– Can I develop business in the UK? It is connected with the Business Permit or British citizenship, and citizenship will have to wait a little bit you wait. Permit is not a problem, patience. This, however, does not depend only on me. First of all, from the Lord. Please tell me how much you intend to invest? How many people to hire?

– The value of the investment is 50 million and the planned employment will range from 500 to 700.

I understand, it looks, sounds impressive. Will also ask the Lord that the Lord needs you, the people of what education or experience?

I will gladly answer your question. I need managers, distributors of coordinators, editors, copywriters, graphic designers, programmers, PR specialists, printers and mechanics of machines, quality controllers. The rest will be relegated by the Business Process Outsourcing. Do you have your own business in Poland or regular source of income?

– Yes, as I have explained in the application run with my partner and daughter of an advertising agency.

– How long?

– 14 years

Why would you develop the business in the UK. Your country fascinated me and it’s very, frankly. Key that has very good macroeconomic indicators. Also the micro. GDP is fine, medium and minimum wages in the national agenda, the population was okay. I know the language, in force is religion does not bother me, great geographic location and climate, well-developed infrastructure of the banking sector. Do I have to replace next?

– No need. You convinced me. I am personally for the order you have received citizenship in an accelerated and become part of our society.

Aromatic smell of freshly ground coffee wafted in the air and filled the cafe. The serene atmosphere complemented sandy-beige walls and most of all the people in a good mood. Photographs of coffee from South America and Africa. Wooden floors, maroon wooden chairs and tables were also a nice touch. Behind the counter, climbed up different sized cups and cups and on the shelves were smartly exposed container and coffee brewing. Around there was chatter in various languages. Family Kraśko ordered a Mocha and two cocktails milky strawberry. Ilona opened and pinned to power the laptop. Began a joint search for an apartment in a guarded apartment building.

Created thanks to the generosity of Celtex, transport thanks to Frachtron, about my health cares Signum and S7 company, thank you!



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