New Order in Ukraine

Two weeks ago I was traveling from Mazury to south Poland. To Malbork then Mikolajki. In train I sat vis a vi one men. Some 47-57 years old. Tired face, bold, slightly chubby. Typical father of two or three. He tned his face to me and ask
– do you also have seat in here?
– Yes. It seems like we’ll travel together.
– Where to?
– Malbork then Mikolajki and you?
– Szczecin. From Kiev. It’s gonna be over
twenty hours soon.
– Wow. Therje’s a travel. Twenty hours!
– Usually I drive but this time the better option is train.
– What takes you so far from Ukraine. From Kiev to Szczecin?
– I go to work. I’m selfemloyeed specializing in roof tops and chimney building.
– Okay, I got it.
– Good work. I like it. And good money. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to provide decent life to my family. It’s not easy but what can I d

o. In Ukrine is extremly dificoult live. I’m happy but it doesn’t come easy. Polititians in Ukraine don’t care. Irresponsible corrupted busters. They sold us to EU. We don’t need it. We have all recources we need.
– I know I know. Don’t worry. You can’t help it anyway. It’s too late so just live your life the best you can and ignore them.
– Right, probably this is the best option.
I put oranges on table, shuted up and shared with him in silence.